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 Forum rules.

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Mig33 ID : prince-0f-lovers
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Forum rules. Empty
PostSubject: Forum rules.   Forum rules. Icon_minitimeMon Sep 29, 2008 11:10 pm

Welcome to Mig33 Official Community.
Please read the below forum rules and regulations before posting your posts.

At Advertisements.

None of the Members are allowed to add direct links. Hidden links of other forums in your signature & profile or any kinds of advertisements are prohibited.

Any members display name as e-mail of his or her will be edited without any advance notification.

None of the members are allowed to exchange the links of other forums through PM.

At languages used.

To make global understanding, Only English should be the universal language used in this forum and in board.

At Virtue and interaction.

We use this forum as a family board, so be nice and respect to each other including moderators. No vulgar words are allowed and insults for personal purpose will not be tolerated.

Disrespect to Admin, Moderators or forum staff will be immediately take action or ban.

At Account Registration.

only 1 account is allowed for registered in the forum. Multiple registrations are prohibited.

At Illegal posts.

None of the members are allowed to post ADULT MATERIAL (Porn Pic)! Any where in this forum else strict action will be immediately taken against such members.

Illegal code/ application that against to mig33 system are not allowed to posting link or any , we will be delete immediate without warning.

At Posting.

Please post in the right section.

Members are not allowed to post too many topics in one section otherwise, we will consider as spam board and we have right to delete or do any immediately action without notice.

Posting against admins and multi kickers are not allowed. Please kindly send directly to contact@mig33.com for further solved.

At None sense post/reply

Before reply or posting please think well. None sense or meaningless reply is not allowed in a topic like:

-Great, nice…
-Help me…
-huh !!!

Please kindly write as a full sentence with meaning.

At Profile/avatar/signature.

Please think well before posting your avatar and signature. We are not allowed too big sizes or too wide and long of pic.

At PM/Rank.

PM or request to admins, Moderators, for serve any rank are not allowed.
If we think you are quality, qualify, and capable, we will considered to provide rank without request with forum staffs meeting for fair competition.

Hope you all cooperate and understanding, Enjoy your time !!!

Kind Regards.
Hunais Ali.

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Forum rules.
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